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Sapi, sampi, so called from the Balinese,
Relatives, warm, resulted in a series of works.

I lay in the field. Beneath them, beside them, they smelled their aroma so warm, so earthy, so kind, simple and rustic .. a mother with a baby that glues to her on her still fragile thin legs, a tired but relaxed mother, full of milk, heavy, giving birth, nursing .. mother of the earth mother earth ..

I scattered my sheets right there, rolling the paper right on the field on the grass with the smell of grass and milk, I felt so good and free to admire these passionate swollen nostrils from huge noses, the warmth of the steam emanating from them, that my heart rejoiced and bamboo an alcohol from that land deftly grasped their character,Sapi, sampi, so called from the Balinese,Relatives, warm, resulted in a series of works.

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