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In the field of art, there is only one rule - sincerity.

Maria Simonova

the artist

My self-taught artistic journey is inseparable from the successive trips I made after I left Moscow, my hometown, after the age of 22. It was through the discovery of new lights, countless landscapes, unknown to me until then, people I met in India, Bali, Malaysia and Thailand that my practice began.
It is the meeting of the peasants of Asia, the freedom of the animals living in the rice fields, all this simplicity and this sincerity, which is imprinted in my sensitivity, while offering me a new expressive field of freedom, that I I tried to translate in my first portraits and landscapes in a research colored in oil and acrylic. During this time spent in Asia I then experienced many materials, natural pigments, Indian ink, printing ink thanks to which I went from color to monotypes, then to a very fast and expressive practice of drawings in order to capture quickly the emotions and sensations of everything around me. I then made myself graphic tools from bamboo stalks jointly used with brushes, and Asian brushes for the realization of large wash. My preference for large formats appeared at that time in connection with the feeling of immensity offered to me by landscapes then in opposition to the urban space of our cities. Recently I also experienced the traditional Japanese technique of Gyotaku.
Today I live and work in France in

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