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Past events

    Mon, 18 Oct
    18 Oct 2021, 10:00 CEST – 19 Oct 2021, 20:00 CEST
    Vence, Pl. du Grand Jardin, 06140 Vence, France
    18 Oct 2021, 10:00 CEST – 19 Oct 2021, 20:00 CEST
    Vence, Pl. du Grand Jardin, 06140 Vence, France
    Sat, 05 Sept
    Location: Vence
    05 Sept 2020, 10:00 – 06 Sept 2020, 21:00
    Location: Vence
    05 Sept 2020, 10:00 – 06 Sept 2020, 21:00
    Location: Vence

Previous events

The art in place is in Vence 

on Sept 5 & 6, 2020

Art takes over the public space for a weekend in Vence on September 5 & 6, 2020. Aimed at local and regional professional artists with the support of the city and the Régie Culturelle de Vence, L'Art en Place is an open-air exhibition on the Place du Grand Jardin in Vence.

A moment of proximity with the general public, amateurs, collectors and discover the wealth of regional artists.

Meeting place in the middle country for fifteen years, this completely free event supports the creation of the territory. The Place du Grand Jardin will bring together sculptors, photographers, painters for 48 hours of encounters, surprising discoveries, a breeding ground for artistic riches and exchanges between the public and the artists themselves!

For Jean Jacques HAHN-CARY, creator of the event, "The public place is for artists once a year. Here, it is not a paid lounge. From the outset, we have wanted this event to keep its spirit: authenticity and accessibility for all audiences! "


Solo exhibition "Questions"

Ni Art Space, bali, 05 May 2014

This exhibition presents works asking questions from the author to himself and to the viewer about himself and his surroundings, eternal meditative questions that you can reflect on when looking into yourself and your neighbor ... "When the paths traced out become too difficult, or when we see no path, we can no longer live in so urgent and difficult a world . All the ways are barred. However, we must act. So we try to change the world, that is, to live as if the connection between things and their potentialities were not ruled by deterministic processes, but by magic, can say ,kind of homeopatic philosophy…,alternative medicine. Doesn`t every seed will be able to grow into a tree ? That can produce fruits, and giving hope to life ?"

Exhibition Cinta Love

14 June 2013

Three artists who have been living in Ubud Bali. Initiated together to present the art of painting is rich with the same role in the theme of "LOVE" CINTA" ЛЮБОВЬ. Lovers can "wander in Love" and the lovers go, the greater the happiness gained, because love is infinite, Love is the reason every movement in the world. And the final painting is not simply just painting, but rather an expression of the inner practice of a painter who is a visible expression of the soul.

Solo exhibition “Emotions”

01 June 2012

Artist originally from Moscow ... Lived in Europe and Asia, Between Mind and Wisdom... But definitely had her own soul Moved to Bali, inspired by nature, light and soul of humans . Maria continues to develop new techniques and approaches to subject matter that communicate a distinct visual poetry. A lyrical painter, her work is profoundly emotif, embracing themes such as nature, human psychology and emotions. Define herself in techniques of ink, so transparent and deep at the same time, presenting this quick expression drawings of human and the soul of nature... In her drawings exhibition here, in Balli, you will find the beauty, the poetry of human nature.. the Emotions...

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